Take A Break

                                                                                 The Tendencies Grow
                                                                                     -By Ana Karina
What is with all the negativity? Why is the youth of today becoming so pessimistic? Is it the unimaginable pressure we put on them or is it the rat race we put them in ?Why some parents have levied the weight of their own ambitions on their little ones? Above mentioned are some questions that are unanswerable and yet so common.

 I decided to interview three students of twelfth standard to see that what  state of mind they are going through. I also asked about their ambitions and what they wish to be when they grow up.

So, my first student is Aarav. “So , Aarav how are your preparations going on for the upcoming examinations? Any pre examination jitters?” I asked. Aarav replied” I am absolutely lost right now , I feel like I am constantly studying and still I don’t remember what I have studied. Jitters is an understatement, I feel numb and tensed. A thought haunts me always, what if I don’t score well, what if I am not able to get admission in a good college? My parents would be so disappointed in me. ” To which I replied, ” So much of stress for such little minds, shouldn’t you study stress free because that will garner better results? So, let’s change the topic for a bit, what do you do for fun and what do you aim to become? ” Aarav said ” I don’t have time to have fun, I have to study constantly, every waking hour, I only take food and washroom breaks. Also, I wanted to become a writer but my parents wanted me to pursue Chartered Accountancy(C.A) , so I couldn’t say no, so I am preparing for C.A.” I just couldn’t believe that this wonderful biy was under so much of pressure. I then finished the interview by wishing him all the best.

My next interviewee’s name was Akriti, she was the only one who was confident and happy.I started the interview by asking ” How are you feeling about the upcoming examinations? ” She confidently answered” I am confident about my prepration, I know what I have studied and hopefully I will do well in my exams. Even if I don’t do well in my exams, I know I will be able to do something good with my life. There is no pressure on me and my parents fully support my own decisions and always appreciate my efforts” “That’s really good” I said, I further asked her” What do you aim to become? Also, what do you do for fun?” Akriti replied” I aim to become a happy and satisfied person and whereas my career choice is concerned, I wish to become a counsellor. I want to pursue psychology and for fun I play FIFA with my parents every Sunday by logging into the game online. Click Here to know more.” I then concluded the interview by appreciating her attitude towards her life  and wished her all the luck.

My third interviewee was Himani, she was the such a quiet child and didn’t answer much of my questions because she didn’t have much time to answer as she had to study. Her parents were so strict that they wouldn’t even let her talk to me because they thought that I was there to brainwash her to stop studying seriously. I just could ask one question that “How are you feeling?” to which she replied” I am scared to death, I don’t know what will I do, my parents have told me that if I don’t score well, they will marry me off to an old man and if I don’t study or take even a small break to refresh myself, they start yelling at me and pressurize me to study. They don’t even let me sleep for more than four hours.” I said”Oh god, this is absolute torture, do you need help?” She was about to answer but beyond that her parents took her away.

I believe that it is good to provide your kids with quality education and it is even better to inspire them to do well in life, but levying your aspirations on them is an absolute no-no. Suicidal tendencies grow in such cases and children end up being dissatisfied, disappointed and dejected.

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