True to it’s name: Majestic tree hound

George and Fred are twin brothers, living in different continents, George is studying in Australia and Fred was in his home country USA. They exchange letters weekly to tell each other about what is going on in their respective lives. So one fine day Fred has a pleasant encounter in his city and he describes it in a letter written to George.

Dear  George,

Hope you are doing good and this letter finds you in best of health and high spirits. This past week has been a rather eventful one, I have a lot of things to tell you. So, here it goes, on Monday I was on my to the college, as usual, strutting by the street, enjoying the beautiful sunny day, I suddenly saw from the corner of my eye that a very elegant and adorable dog was roaming around the street, he had a collar, but nothing was written on it. The poor fellow was sad and seemed hungry and lost, he surely had lost his owner and was stranded there. I got really worried , so, I started searching for a person who by any chance had lost his or her pet, but to my dismay, no one had lost one. I went near the dog to give him something to eat, and as soon as I dropped my sandwich for him, he leapt towards it to devour it, he then seemed a little relieved. So, I left him there on the street, thinking his owner will find him by the next day, but unfortunately, he was still sitting there, stranded, sad and melancholy. I could not look at his sad state anymore, so I lovingly brought him back home, although he was scared , he was happy to see a home and loving faces too. Mom and dad were a little apprehensive at first, but by looking at it’s sad eyes, they could not say no. They deeply cleaned the dog in the garage and took him in our home inside. The poor fellow was hungry so we fed him first and slowly he gained trust that we were not going to harm him, so he started opening up to us the next day.

I googled his appearance to know his breed, he was a majestic tree hound .True to it’s breed, this dog had an astounding temperament, he was so affectionate, social and playful. He was so well trained and intelligent. He was so energetic that he kept running around the whole neighborhood and was so friendly, especially to kids and senior citizens. I named him Booster as he was full of energy and enthusiasm and George, you would not believe that he was so intelligent that he understood my commands so easily, I repeated my commands a couple of times, and he understood what I was saying. I was so happy because Booster was a fur ball of joy. Even mom and dad enjoyed Booster’s company, but sadly, we realized that Booster’s real owner would have been worried sick, so we decided to put up posters all over town so that his owner could contact us. Finally ,two days later, his owner contacted us about Booster, described about his appearance, and came to our home to take him back. We found out that Booster’s actual name is Draco(I genuinely think that Booster is a better suited name for the dog) .The owner told us that the dog  got lost when his owner got busy on his phone while taking a walk outside, the actual owner thanked us and took Booster back, but he gave us his address, in case we wanted to meet Booster. So, whenever you will visit, we will surely visit Booster.

Yours lovingly,


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