Know All The Good And Bad Traits Of Schipperke

The AKC Norm defines the Schipperke as ‘doubting, cunning, impudent, curious in anything around him. Yeah, of course, it is among the most mischievous and reckless of all species. The dog breed appears mostly in blacks and the schipperke colors are not really prominent as some other breeds of dogs. 

The Schipperke must always be retained on-leash or in a safe backyard, ideally under observation, since their imagination and climbing/digging abilities could take them across or under the wall. 

Having exceptional perceptions and an innate suspicion of outsiders, the Schipperke rests softly and makes an alert, diligent watchdog. They are persuaded that they are large dogs and can physically assault an attacker unfortunate enough to overlook his strong, piercing barking.

They are generally good with other pets in his own house. He may be ferocious with odd pets that surround his territory. They do have a strong hunting instinct and are apt to stalk tiny caged dogs, and with their fast reaction times and light-footed strength, the animals who flee can not get far enough. 

This little fella is better done by holders who are strong, positive, and reliable. He’s got a pronounced stubborn streak, clear interests and dislikes, a playful sense of humor, and he’ll take smart benefits when he’s involved. 

Schipperkes are confident and delicate, and they don’t react favorably to being unfairly treated or mocked. Some can be difficult to break home, and their roaring must be treated properly.

Qualities And Attributes Of A Schipperke 

Sufficient Activity And Emotional Relaxation

Schipperkes could be little, but they’re enthusiastic go-getters who will need daily opportunities to release the power. Or else they will turn overactive and/or frustrated – commonly demonstrated by shouting and aggressive biting. We highly advocate that either join your Schipperke in discipline courses at the beginner or later stages, or in obedience lessons. 

Suspicion Of Outsiders 

By default, Schipperkes requires thorough experience with people and unexpected sounds and smells. Instead, their inherent vigilance can turn into intense mistrust, which would be hard to deal with and it can turn into hostility or nervousness.

Human Aggression  

Most Schipperkes overtake several dogs of the same gender. Any Schipperkes are going to search and capture tiny, fugitive animals. This will cause conflict if you already own a kitten. It could be a lot worse though if you buy a pet bunny or a hamster.

Security Of The Fence 

Many Schipperkes are smart escape artists that are going up or down barriers in pursuit of fun. If you want to hold your Schipperke in, you would need a higher fence than you could ever expect with their small scale. You will even have to drop wiring into the field around the fence to avoid drilling. 


In their acute perceptions, Schipperkes are always too fast to raise concerns on any fresh visuals and sounds. You’ve got to be just as quick to stop him. It’s not a dog breed that can be kept outside in the backyard, unmonitored. To make things worse, there are several Schipperkes with loud, high-pitched growls that can put the jaws on the edge.

Strong Personality 

Schipperkes have quite an intelligent mind of their own, but they’re not underdogs to teach or train. They could be aggressive, because all of them are willing and powerful, and they will ask you to show that you really can force them to do something. You have to convince them, by utter clarity, that you believe what you’re saying.

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