World’s Smallest Cat Breed

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The Singapura Cat is considered as the world’s smallest cat and as its name suggests it originated in Singapore. The Singapura cat is distinguished by its short stocky built which is muscular and petite at the same time. The shorthaired frame is covered with fine beige or brown ticked coats. Alternating dark and light shades of hair mark the color of their coat. The Singapura cat is a big eyed cat breed with large exotic almond-shaped eyes that dominate the small face adding a touch of innate glamor to their looks. The ears are quite large compared to their tiny built and are slightly pointed. The smallest cat breed is as beautiful in looks as they are charming in their personalities. The females of the species weigh around just 4 pounds while the average weight of the male Singapura is about 6 pounds. Despite their small frames, these cats are not delicate at all.

Instead, their hardiness is revealed in their active, curious, and mischievous nature which often drives them to climb significant heights to get a comfortable perch and good view. They have a soft and gentle nature which easily endears them with people while their playful outgoing nature makes them great favorites with children. Their extremely affectionate nature makes this big eyed cat breed a popular choice for both first-time and repeat cat owners. It is said that once you have a Singapura for a pet you will never settle for anything else. They are very social and always look forward to human interaction and company.

Despite their genetic diversity, the smallest cat breed is not prone to many genetic ailments or predisposing conditions. They are easy to maintain, health-wise as well as when it comes to regular care. For pregnant Singapura cats, however, there remains a slight risk of uterine inertia –a condition where they are unable to deliver the fetus due to weak and underdeveloped muscle strength. However, with advanced veterinary care and cesarean section options, this can be easily taken care of.

For cat lovers who want to have permanent ‘baby pets’, the smallest cat breed is the best choice. The Singapura matures very slowly and takes almost 2 years to reach its full size potential. At the same time, they remain childlike and playful all through their lives. They can be a little shy with strangers but do not take long to warm up and make friends with guests very easily. This is not a pet you have to worry about locking up when people come over or with many children in the house. In fact, with a Singapura around you don’t have to worry about entertaining the children at all. They are very smart and can adapt to all kinds of personalities making them great companions no matter what kind of crowd they are in.

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