What Is Crystal Healing? What Are Different Healing Crystals

Crystal healing can be easily understood by its name. It is a process where crystals are used due to their physical properties to eliminate the negative vibes surrounding people. Crystals are solid things created by repeated layers of the natural substance that originated from the ground thousands of years ago. They are made by different molecular substances when combined together and it is not manmade but is made inside the earth’s crust. So you can say that these crystals are natural and that is why they are so valuable in today’s time.

Crystals are most commonly used for healing and people always keep them with themselves as they wear them in rings, pendants, earrings, or any other form of jewelry. They are used for several purposes like they bring mental peace, they provide stability, they help you to overcome emotional shortcomings, they even help you to boost your metabolism and promote weight loss which is a very common thing nowadays. You can buy the Best bracelets for weight loss with the required crystal embedded in it and se the results yourself.  

Kinds Of Healing Crystals

Clear quartz

This white crystal is considered a “master healer.” It’s said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and controlling it. It’s additionally said to help focus and memory. Physically, clear crystals are professed to assist with invigorating the resistant framework and equilibrium out your whole body. This stone is regularly paired with others like rose quartz to help and improve its capacities.

Rose quartz

Similarly, as the color might recommend, this pink stone is about love. It’s said to assist with restoring trust and congruity in all different sorts of connections while working on their nearby associations. It’s additionally professed to assist with giving comfort and quiet during seasons of distress. It isn’t about others, however. Rose quartz is said to likewise empower love, regard, trust, and worth inside one’s self — something we could all utilization these days.


This smooth crystal is known as the “preeminent nurturer.” It’s said to empower the soul and support you through occasions of pressure by setting you up to completely “appear.” It’s professed to shield you from and absorb negative energies while advancing fortitude, fast reasoning, and certainty. These are characteristics that are extra useful while handling important issues — which is by and large what this stone might be useful for.


A strongly defensive stone, obsidian is said to assist with forming a safeguard against physical and emotional pessimism. It’s additionally said to help dispose of emotional blockage and advance characteristics of solidarity, clearness, and compassion to assist with tracking down your actual self-appreciation. For your physical body, it might support digestion and detoxification while conceivably diminishing torment and issues.


This purple stone is supposed to be incredibly defensive, healing, and purifying. It’s asserted it can assist with freeing the psyche of negative considerations and deliver modesty, genuineness, and spiritual insight. It’s likewise said to assist with advancing moderation. Rest is another guaranteed advantage of this stone, from as far as anyone knows helping with a sleeping disorder alleviation to getting dreams. Physically, it’s said to support hormone creation, purify the blood, and ease torment and stress.


Bloodstone is professed to assist with purifying the blood by drawing off awful environmental energies and further developing dissemination. Carefully talking, supports benevolence, inventiveness, and optimism while assisting you with living inside the current second. It’s additionally said it can likewise help you free yourself of sensations of peevishness, forcefulness, and fretfulness.

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