What Does Different Arenas Offer In Smashing Four

Every arena in the smashing four-game offers a different experience as compared to the other. There are several arenas in the game but the most initial stage from where players start their journey in this epic game is by battling in the farm arena which is arena 1 of this game. The game arenas unlock different players and to enter every arena to play a game you need to have trophies.

Every arena has its own unique quality and the player combination you choose depends on the quality of the heroes and the qualities or features of the arena in which you are going to face your enemies. The right squad can get you victory but if you choose the wrong squad then even some of the most powerful characters won’t be enough to ensure your victory over the enemy.

Farm (Arena 1)

The farm is the initial stage where you can enter with zero trophies in your account and play with the existing squad. Here you will be able to enhance your skills and it’s perfect for players who are still practicing their moves and skills in this game.

Enchanted Glade (Arena 2)

The second arena in this game requires 200 game trophies as the entry fees. Here you will see a mushroom in the center of the arena which can make your hero fly high. So you also take advantage of it but if you are not able to use it as your defense stay away from it.

Orc Camp (Arena 3)

The orc camp requires 400 trophies to be given as the entry fees in this arena. The orc game has a fire pit in the middle and you must take advantage of this fire pit by pushing your enemies into it.

Lost City (Arena 4)

The arena four in smashing four games demands 600 trophies as an entry fee for competing it with the enemy squad. There are spells spread in this arena and if your hero gets trapped in the trap, he is going to face severe damages.

Foundry (Arena 5)

Foundry has an entry fee of 800 trophies and here in this arena, you will see valves that eject hot steam that do real damage to your enemies only. Choose the smashing four best deck arena 5 and wipe off your enemy squad as early as possible.

Mountain Peak (Arena 6)

Mountain peak is one of the ebay arenas in this game and you have to pay a tribute of 1100 trophies to enter this arena. At the top of the mountain peal, live a dragon, disturb his sleep and he will wipe out the enemies by spitting fire.

Frozen Lake (Arena 7)

The frozen lake is one of the most attractive arenas in the game and to play in this arena you need to have 1400 trophies with you. The icy realm is covered by frown waterfalls from outside, pushing the snowballs into the enemies.

Overgrown Temple (Arena 8)

The overgrown temple has a temple in the middle of the jungle but filled with treasures and traps all around. To defeat your enemies unlock the two logs by activating statues. However, to play in this arena you need to have 1700 trophies.

Bamboo Castle (Arena 9)

The bamboo castle is the last arena in which you have to pay an entry fee of whooping 2000 trophies. The arena has magic all over the arena, pushing the heroes into the shrine to unleash the spells.

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