Top Female Bikers In India

Have you ever come across a biker woman in your life? What was your reaction?

Men in India have a lot of things on their mind when they find a woman doing something that is considered a “manly thing” to do. Riding a motorcycle is one such thing that is considered to be only fit for man by the stereotypical Indian society. However, things are going to change soon. At least we can hope so when we see women taking the initiative to do what they want without worrying about what men think.

Here are 7 such women who have listened to their hearts, chosen to ignore what the male-dominated society think about them and have become the top Indian female bikers in India.

1. Maral Yazarloo

One of the best female bikers from India, Maral Yazarloo is an Iran-born fashion designer who is currently based in Pune. Her passion for motorcycling led her to form “The Lady Riders of India”, the renowned female superbike club in India.

2. Roshni Misbah

Roshni Misbah is not one of those regular Muslim girls you would come across in Delhi. She is popularly known as the hijabi biker. As the name suggests, she is a biker wearing a hijab. Now, that is not something you would see every day. Her passion for motorbikes since her teenage days has made her one of the most popular female riders in India today.

3. Alisha Abdullah

Daughter of seven-time national champion RA Abdullah, Aisha has made an identity of her own as India’s first female racing champion. Having started her racing career at the age of 10, Aisha achieved many feats in the racing world. She now runs an academy for training aspiring women racers. She has truly become an inspiration for budding woman bikers in India.

4. Dr. Neharika Yadav

Dr. Neharika Yadav is known for being India’s fastest lady super biker. A dentist by profession and a biker by passion, she is the perfect example for someone who sets a balance between work and passion.

5. Priyanka Kochhar

One of the best motorcycle bloggers in India, Priyanka Kochhar is passionate about motorcycles and loves to ride new motorcycles. Besides her interest in motorcycling and blogging, she has an avid interest in modelling.

6. Anam Hashim

One of the youngest professional bike stunt performers in India, Anam Hashim, has made a name for herself as the only Indian stunt athlete to have won an international stunt competition. She is unique in her own way and loves the thrills of stunt riding more than the pleasure of long riding.

7. Roshni Sharma

Roshni Sharma is known for being the first Indian woman biker to have travelled solo from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on a motorcycle. She has become an example for other women who wish to travel but do not take the initiative due to safety concerns.

That was the list of the top female bikers in India. We just hope to see more of them in the years to come. If you are a lady who is passionate about bikes, you shouldn’t stop yourself from getting out and exploring the streets. Do not worry if people stare at you. Do not worry if you don’t have your own bike. You will always find a way when you have the passion to do something. You can find and compare bike rentals on Bike Rentalia and move around on the bike of your choice.

Are you a female biker in India? If not, do you know someone who is? Let us know in the comment section below. You would love to know about them.

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