The Essence of Sunset Aura Quartz

Aura is a crystal quartz that is enhanced through a process of the alchemy and synergy of natural metals through a vapor deprivation process. This quartz initiates its beauty with its shine of a soft tremulous and fitful light and the metallic rainbow sheen that defines the beauty of nature as well as its charming natural senses. Aura quartz crystals are mainly priced for their ability to expand the consciousness of healing the physical and spiritual body with their extraordinary high vibrations. 

Sunset aura quartz is one of the rarest and unusual mineral quartz as it is brought into form with the help of the rare metal gold. In the process of making this aura quartz, the highest grade quartz crystals are selected and then treated with 14k gold. This treatment is processed under electrostatic circumstances. The process continues by putting the crystals into a vacuum and is charged opposite to the gold by applying heat and putting the gold into the vacuum so that it holds on tightly to the crystal quartz. The crystals are then turned over and over again regularly so that all the three sides of the crystals are covered. This process results in giving the aura quartz its beautiful gold, yellow, orange, and pink colour.

This crystal needs special care to treat. If the crystal is exposed to chemicals like cleaning products or aerosols, it gets damaged over time. The proper way to clean it is to put it under running water for a few minutes and use a dry cloth to dry it. It can also be cleaned by an air duster that does not contain any disinfectants or other chemicals.

This aura quartz is named after the term sunset as sunsets are the epitome beauty of transitions. They always remind us that with every ending comes a new beginning. If you are dealing with low self-confidence and tackling fear and uncertainty issues, you can use this aura quartz to regain the lost confidence. It will help you raise the vibrational energy, boosting self-confidence, invoking love and peace, and promoting happiness and joy to flow within yourself. This quartz invokes love and peace by pursuing away fear and uncertainty. The threatening energy of this quartz allows you to radiate the positive energy and show you the joy of everyday life always with a new aspect. Its energy is powerful and extremely active, wonderful in cleansing and stimulating the solar plexus chakras. 

The crystal heals old hurts and traumas and overcomes the sense of disappointments and bitterness that occurs due to the lack of opportunities in life. It is a bit expensive and protective at the spiritual level as it inspires optimism, natural joy, and spontaneity. It is thought to be most beneficial in assisting the treatment of the pancreas, spleen, liver, gall bladder, and the nervous system. It helps in relieving toxins, constipation, and aiding digestive issues.

The crystal Sunset aura quartz helps one to have the ability to shape one’s bridges and future communications with a higher deity. The aura helps to build good communication among the people who belong to the same healing fields. It is an excellent tool for meditation and can assist one in astral travel. After using this crystal, people claimed that this crystal proved to be very helpful in soothing and de-stressing serious conditions aiding to psychism and spirituality.

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