The Best Sports Games For Android In 2021

There are so many sports games for android on the google play store and you can have fun playing all the major sports games while sitting at your home. There are thousands of games on the play store with millions of downloads from all over the world but only some games enjoy that status of being the best sports game in the world. The games that we are going to mention here do not belong to the same category. Here we are going to give you a brief about the most popular and best sports games for android in 2021.

Virtual Tennis Challenge

For tennis lovers, there is no better game than the Virtual Tennis Challenge on the google play store. The game offers the same user interface as you must have seen in the matches on your television. The graphics look really cool and realistic and it uplights the overall charm of the game. The game has a lot of potential rivals on the google play store but still, the game manages to have the most active game players in the world among all the other tennis games.

Golf Clash

Golf Clash is the best golf game on android since 2017 when it was launched. The game features 1 vs 1 gameplay where you compete against the top best players all around the globe and winning battles against them provides you with trophies, gold, gems, coins, and chests. The game is the top downloaded golf game and if you are a golf enthusiast you should definitely download the golf clash game. The game even offers third-party features like a Golf clash golden shot guide or a club guide to make good in-game purchases.

Fifa Mobile

Fifa mobile is the mobile version of the famous Fifa game by EA sports and it is the best football game that you can play on android smartphones. The game features different stadiums, all the major players, various tours, and tournaments just like the other Fifa games. The game offers great graphics with good background music and sound and it feels like you are already playing this game in a stadium among thousands of people. Download this game if you are a football lover and enjoy the terrific gameplay.

World Cricket Championship

The world cricket championship is the best cricket game on android and it is one of the most downloaded games in India. The game offers a great user interface with all the major tournaments and it has all the popular cricket players in it. Play against every team in different leagues or tournaments. The game is very easy to understand and the world cricket championship has the most downloads on the google play store among all the cricket games. All the cricket fans love to play this game.

WWE Champions

There is no doubt that WWE fans are everywhere in this world and this is why you will find a lot of WWE games on every platform whether it is android, windows, or iOS. The WWE Champions is the best wrestling game for android users and it has got the maximum number of downloads among all the WWE games. The game is free to play but if you want you can buy the in-game stuff by spending spoke money from your account. The game will fill you with excitement and joy once you start playing it.

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