Some Diet Feeding Tips For Your Bearded Dragon

Introducing New Foods to Your Bearded Dragon 

You may find that it requires some investment to get your beardie to acknowledge new fruits into their diet, this is typical, simply show restraint. Fruits that are particularly delicate or wet may take some extra time coaxing as your beardie can struggle to grab onto these with their delicate tongue, which may debilitate them. 

You can help ease them into new fruits by appropriately preparing them, fruits ought to be cut, or when suitable, destroyed, into little reduced down pieces. Seeds, stems, and any difficulty to eat the skin or external coatings ought to be taken out. Delicate and wet fruits ought to be hand-taken care of to your bearded dragon, however, this may bring about an occasional nip as they battle to grasp an especially elusive piece. 

If this is an issue, you can assist your beardie by tenderly coaxing the fruit-forward into their mouth while they attempt to grasp it. Can bearded dragons eat strawberries and different berries as well? Well, Some fruits, for example, strawberries, work well as a puree to your reptile, however, you should be mindful of decay and eliminate the fluid before it can adversely affect the cleanliness of your bearded dragon’s environment. 

Food Training Your Bearded Dragon 

If you are sufficiently blessed to embrace your bearded dragon as an infant, you can ease them into their legitimate diet by introducing them to fruits and vegetables directly toward the beginning. Specialists recommend starting their morning with a new assortment of fruit and vegetables ensuring it is the main food source they approach at the beginning of every day. 

Keep watch to check whether your beardie shows interest in the blend, if they inspect the food however don’t eat any of it, consider trying to hand feed it to them. Start by placing a scaled-down segment in your grasp and offer it to them. If you and your beardie are as of now reinforced and agreeable together, this ought to be exceptionally successful. 

Things to Remember While Food Training Your Bearded Dragon 

The point of this activity is to attempt to get your beardie to eat a few fruits or vegetables before they top off on insect protein, when they get ravenous, they will probably take the fruits and vegetables given they are still new. It is imperative to get your reptile familiar with eating fruits and vegetables, yet you shouldn’t retain different foods for a really long time with the expectation that they will eat it. 

If it arrives in the evening and your beardie has still not eaten the fruit and vegetable blend, eliminate it from their confine so it doesn’t ruin and grimy their territory, and offer them a few foods that they like. The most significant thing is to take as much time as is needed and remember your beardy’s eventual benefits, don’t release them hungry if they don’t show any interest in fruits and vegetables immediately. 

Once your beardie is routinely enjoying plant matter as a feature of their diet, you can begin to utilize little bits of fruit as training devices. Bearded dragons can be ‘litter trained’, for instance, to go to the washroom in one area in their vivarium. You can likewise utilize it to assist them with getting settled with leash training if you wish to go for them on strolls, or even to introduce them to playing with ping pong balls, a movement many bearded dragons appreciate.

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