Reasons Why Survival In UAE Can Be Very Difficult

Although people who live in the United Arab Emirates live life to their fullest with exceptional food cuisines, great culture, good facilities, lots of travel places in that region, and most importantly good paychecks with nontaxable income. Good income and no tax on those incomes are the main reason why people from other nations come here to work and if you are one of those people, go and check how much you are earning in your native currency by using the UAE Salary Calculator and see the difference. But apart from good pay here, there are some things that can make you think about whether you should move to this country or not. Here is a list of reasons why survival in this region can be difficult.

You Need VPN To Have Fun

The government of UAE has banned all the websites that can harm religion, culture, and those that are offensive and requires parental guidance. This thing can be very hard for people who belong to free nations like The United States, United Kingdom, and India who are the most common visitors and workers here in this region. If you are coming here to live and earn money, then you have to give on those websites but if you are smart enough, you can use the VPN to get access to any of the websites that are banned by the government of UAE.

Very Strict Laws

When you visit UAE for the first time, you will be fascinated by its beauty but once you start getting into their culture and get to know about their laws, you will realize that living here is very difficult as there are heavy fines for even littering something on the road which is good but the government is so strict that it puts you behind the bars sometimes which is definitely horrible. You will see that there are cameras everywhere on the roads, once you jump the speed limits, you will be fined and if you are unable to pay the fine, your vehicle will be impounded.

People Work As Slaves

Many big organizations here hire people who are not so much educated and employ them as their slaves. They take the passports of those people and sign a contract with them and breaking that contract can literally ruin your whole career and life. Only people who are working at high posts are secure from these things but less educated people are taken advantage of and they have no choice to work under them.

It’s Really Hot Here

There is no doubt that it is really out there in the United Arab Emirates and the season prevails all over the year like this only which makes it extremely difficult for people who belong to places like the United Kingdom, and the United States to survive in such extreme heat that reaches around 50 degrees many times. Also, you will find that these places receive nearly no rainfall and that there is no such crop or any other major thing that can grow here.

Only Few Satellite Operators

You have to satisfy yourself with your laptop mostly as there are a very small number of television satellite operators that can bring entertainment for you. Even if you have a good connection you are going to watch mostly old and boring stuff everywhere. So, if you’re in need of good entertainment after completing our work at the office, you might feel disappointed here.

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