How to grow on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world today. There are millions of users on the platform today. Whether you are a celebrity or you’re an everyday person, you use Instagram for social networking on a regular basis. While this platform is set to grow more and more in the coming years, you have to follow certain rules to make sure that your growth on this platform is consistent. To make sure of continuous growth on this platform, you have to become really consistent in posting photos and videos on the platform.

Let’s talk about this in detail.

When you post a photo on Instagram, it shows up on the feed on your followers and fans. But, does it reach other people who do not follow you. No. It doesn’t. So, what do you do? Your use hashtags to boost your post reach. Is it effective? Yes. Very much so. 

What else can you do to increase your post reach and reach out to more people? You can write attractive captions with your photos. This is a strategy that has helped me grow my followers very fast in a short period of time. Whenever I post photos on Instagram, I make sure to use the perfect words with them. This makes my photos more appealing and people start liking my photos and eventually they become my followers.

Another strategy that you can use to boost your following is to decorate your profile and make it look amazing. I personally like to use certain themes in my photos. I keep posting photos consistently following the theme. This makes my photo gallery very attractive. When users come and check my profile, they happen to ask me how I manage to design my gallery in such a wonderful manner. Well, that is a secret and I am not going to share here. However, I can tell you that it is not rocket science. You can figure it out yourself. It is quite subjective and you can design your profile however you want.

Now, let’s talk about captions. So, what type of captions work in attracting followers? I personally like to use one word captions as they are unique and easy to read. When using one word captions, I make sure that it is relevant to the image I am sharing. Then I use the most popular hashtags related to the picture. I guess this is a common thing to say but hashtags are really important if you want to grow your organic following on Instagram.

Well, that is pretty much it. With these tips, you can become a pro at gaining more followers on Instagram in a short period of time. I hope you found some value out of this post. Do let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below this post. Thank you very much for taking the time to finish reading this post. I will come back with another interesting post in a few days.

Golkonda Fort: A Must See


Golkonda was initially called as Manka. Golkonda Fort was first constructed by the Kakatiyas in order to protect themselves against any attack by the invaders or the enemies. The entire place and the fortress were developed on a granite hill that is considered to have an approx height of  120 meters which was beset with many by massive battlements. 

The fort was reconstructed and modified by Rani Rudrama Devi and her successor Prataparudra to provide it with more robust and impregnable structure. After few years, the fort slipped under the control of the Kamma Nayakas, who won against the Tughlaqi army who had occupied Warangal during that time.

 It was taken over by Kamma king Musunuri Kapaya Nayaka to the Bahmani Sultanate as part of a legal treaty in 1364.

There are many legends regarding the Golconda fort and it keeps on changing from time to time. The Golconda fort it the best place to visit in Hyderabad. If you ever get to go to Hyderabad, do visit Golconda for as it is the best place anyone would ever suggest. Do check the Golkonda fort timing so that you don’t get back without seeing it.  I had gone to see the fort but I was completely unaware of the Golkonda fort timing. The day was Saturday I was not allowed to get inside and was asked to wait. I was asked to wait for a few hours. As I had some work so I decided to get back without seeing it. I regret not checking the timings.

The fort lies in the Western part of the most fetching city of Hyderabad at a distance of around 9 km from Hussain Sagar Lake, Golkonda Fort is one of the region’s best monuments preserved for centuries. 

The government takes care of it and, makes sure that it does not lose its charm and glamour. The make in of this monument was completed in the 1600s and it is known for being the place where once, the beautiful and the most expensive, Koh-I-Noor diamond was kept.

 It is said that if you clap your hands at the bottom of the fort, the echoes of it can be heard right to the top every time you do it the architecture, the legends, the history, and the mysteries of Golkonda Fort drag it up in the list of the most visited monuments.

Golkonda Fort is an old building that once precluded any invasion on an ancient city in an area famous for its diamond mines. The fort and surrounding ruined city make up one of the most popular attractions in Hyderabad. 

The Indian government spends lakhs of rupees on its Maintainance and makes sure that it stays there for centuries to come. This is the best place of attraction for the tourist who comes from all around the world. 

I personally like the place very much though I could not get to see it properly still I liked the ambience and the air out there.

I hope u liked the article. Do let us know your precious feedback by commenting below in the comment box.

Is Husky A Good Air Compressor Brand?

Husky Air Compressors are powerful devices that are majorly sold by The Home Depot. Husky as a brand has been established a long time ago but majorly made only hand tools but after some time with getting a very warm response from the users husky upgraded its product line and moved towards selling air compressor in the market. When husky came into this game there were not many established brands who were into this product line and Husky was able to create a large user base for their air compressor within some time due to its great quality of service after sales, powerful configuration and long-lasting designs. 

The husky air compressor is really powerful but due to the expansion of this air compressor market many new brands have shown up and many of them are going really good in this competition but the husky products still never fails to impress their users by delivering the best quality products. 

Before buying any product we always compare the products on the basis of their performance, price and functionality and when you are going to buy an air compressor you have to do the same as many brands are there in the market providing some extra features over others. If you are the person who buys products that have been there for a long time into the business and still going well then you must check out the Husky Air Compressor Reviews and check out why this brand is a good choice for you. 

Talking about it is a good brand to buy for your commercial or house purpose, Husky delivers what can be expected from a powerful brand who is there form a long time and still holding the market among the top new brands. Even if you buy some air compressor which has a comparatively high price tag then husky they won’t promise you the guarantee of the product as you may see in the reviews also that products made with superior quality lacks in making adequate pressure of their motor seized after some time of regular usage. 

Air compressor is made to compress the air and run a specific line of air tools to pull of many other heavy-duty tasks at big industries or construction sites, but even if you’re going to buy an air compressor bu spending some extra bucks you will experience some motor issues, pump issues, air leaks issue and repairing issues from every brand. These are very common problems that you face when you buy an air compressor and run it for long time periods.

These are electronic devices and you cannot guarantee that the manufacturing of every unit has been the same and thus they will not face any kind of issue in the future. Maybe the company gave you a warranty of 2 years but the device lasted from more than 5 years without any issue and there can be cases where you will experience issues straight after 1-2 uses of your new device. This does not mean that all the devices from that company have the same defect. But surely you can get it repaired for free and replace the defective parts with new parts if they are covered under warranty.

How I Recovered From Depression

Dealing with depression was the hardest part of my life, I was into depression for almost 6 months and still imagining that situation gives me goosebumps but somehow, I recovered from that part of my life and it took me 2 months almost to be normal again. 

It all started when I shifted to Mumbai in the last year to start working and support my family financially. I belong to a small town near Mumbai and due to fewer job opportunities in my town, I decided to shift in Mumbai and work here to earn money and support my family. But from the start, I have been facing difficulties surviving here. 

I used to live in my home in my hometown but here I had to rent an apartment to live which was fine, I thought it can be managed but I never thought that the expenses will be so high. Somehow, I rented a small apartment and started looking for a job and within a few days, I got a job and that offer letter filled me with joy and happiness.

I started working in that company and my coworkers made fun of me just because I had a little different way of talking to someone, things settled after some time and I managed to change my way of talking to everyone. Now comes the hard part after some time and when the work pressure kicks in and you can do nothing about it. 

I place was almost 1 to 1.5 hours away from my workplace and I had to travel every day by buses and trains which was very tiring and on top of that I had to do some extra hours in the office for which was not even paid for. This is the worst thing anyone will ever see in his time when you are working more than 100%, sacrificing your social and personal life but still you are not recognized or paid for the hard work.

After working like this for some time my mind was always stressed and I was not able to cook food for myself whenever I reach my place after working, watching other living with their loved ones, family and enjoying the social and personal life made me realize how alone and how unhappy my life is going. I was not able to sleep properly, eat or even work with my focus in the office and even if someone asked me for something, I always felt like slapping them on their faces. I became very irritated and frustrated by my life that I decided to leave all these things and go back to my family.

But after realizing that, it will affect me and my family financially, I decided to stay and treat myself a little better. I searched for some Psychologist In Mumbai, took some online therapy sessions, started going to a fitness center and did yoga every morning to calm my senses. I even took some days off from my work and gave rest to my body for some time, after a long time I was able to take a proper nap and did things that I enjoyed. 

After some time I felt a little better and spending time on making things right gave me confidence and positive energy to start my life once again.

Gain More Candy In Pokemon Go Easily Using These Tricks

Every trainer in Pokemon go are always in a hurry to accumulate the candy as fast as possible so that they can evolve their Pokemon species and train them for gym battles. But getting candy is not an easy task and it is very difficult if the Pokemon species you are trying to evolve has a low spawn rate in your region. What are you going to do then? In this case, Pokemon Go Candy Hack works and gives you access to capture Pokemon all around the world and you can evolve your every single captured Pokemon within some days.

How will you get more candy in Pokemon Go? Check this out below

  • If you want to evolve a certain species of Pokemon start with your surroundings first, Examine what kind of Pokémon species are around you and capture a Pokemon of that species with the maximum power level and with good IV. now that you have got one of that species capture all the small CP pokemons to get the candies easily.
  • Use the Pinap berry to get more candies of that Pokemon and always remember do not waste your candy on pokemons having a full CP. They will break free and your candy will be wasted.
  • Always try to capture the evolved form of the Pokemon even if the CP and IV of that evolved version is not good, you will get more candies than the base version of that pokemon.
  • Feed the Pokemon with Razz Berry to calm them down and if they are moving very fast feed them the Nanab Berry to slow down their movement and then feed the Pinap Berry on that Pokemon to gain more candy.
  • Use the above trick on the third evolution of Pokemon if they show up and you will get 20 candy for the base version of that pokemon. Suppose you caught a Pidgeot using Pinap Berry you will get 20 Pidgey candy. 
  • Hatching the eggs gives you pokemon candy and usually the Pokemon you hatch from the egg has a good IV and CP. 
  • If you want to evolve a certain species of Pokemon make them your buddy and turn on the adventure sync mode to gain more candy and hatch more eggs.
  • Transfer the captured, duplicate Pokemon to the professor and keep on catching the same and transferring the same for some time, you will get 1 candy per transfer.
  • Make a trade of that Pokemon with your friends regularly and earn candy with every exchange that you make with your friend. Try to make an exchange with a friend who lives at least 100 km away from you.

Bonus Candy Trick

Here is the best bonus for all the people wishing for some extra candy, use these techniques-

  • Make multiple accounts of Pokemon go and add them as a friend to your main Pokemon go account. 
  • Capture pokemons from your secondary accounts while you use the hack tricks and use every account in different regions to capture different Pokemon species.
  • Even if the account gets a soft ban for some time you can use your other accounts and capture some other species till then your ban would be lifted.
  • When you capture so many different species evolve them and make a trade with your main account.
  • Use all those above-mentioned techniques while you spoof, it will boost your candy gain process.

Using these tricks legally your main account is safe and you have no fear of getting banned by the Pokemon go. Simple and easy to catch them all.

Why Do We Need Fiber?

Fiber is one of the key reasons why whole vegetable food is better for you. Recent data shows that sufficient consumption of fiber can support digestion and lower the risk of chronic disease. Many of those benefits are regulated by the million bacteria in your digestive system, the intestinal microbiota. All fiber is not equal, however. Every kind has different effects on health.

Simply put, dietary fibers are a protein that does not digest in foods. It is divided into two broad categories because of its water solubility. 

Soluble Fiber: Dissolve in liquid and “healthy” bacteria in the intestine may be metabolized.

Insoluble Fiber: Cannot be dissolved in water and it is generally hard on your gut.

There are several distinct fiber categories, it is important to keep in mind. Some have significant health implications, while others are completely irrational. Also, there is a lot of crossover among soluble and insoluble fibers. The good bacteria in the intestine can digest certain insoluble fibers and most foods contain both soluble and insoluble fiber.

Let us see some of the major benefits of adding fiber to the diet.

Helps In Weight Loss

Some fibers, by reducing your appetite, can help you lose weight. Dietary fibers can cause loss of weight by decreasing calorie consumption automatically. Fiber can absorb water into the intestine, slow nutrient absorption and increase feelings of completeness. It relies, however, on the fiber type. Along with certain soluble fibers, certain forms have no impact on weight.

Helps in Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

Foods with high fiber have a lower glycemic index than processed food sources that most of their fiber has been extracted. This is the only feature of high-viscosity, soluble fibers. Inside your food containing carbohydrates, the viscous, soluble fibers can cause small blood sugar spikes.

Controls Cholesterol Level

This is not one of the biggest advantages of consuming fiber but controlling the cholesterol level in your body is one of the crucial things for every individual and fiber does it to some extent. Total cholesterol has decreased by only 1.7 mg/dl and LDL by 2.2 mg/dl on average, eating 2–10 grams of soluble fiber per day. Nevertheless, this also relies on fiber viscosity. Several studies have found remarkable cholesterol decreases in the amount of fiber that has increased.

A Control Over Constipation

Reduced constipation is one of the biggest advantages of increased fiber intake. Fiber is said to lead to water absorption, to increase the volume of your poop and to improve your crap flow through the intestine. Soluble fibers that produce a gel in the digestive tract and do not ferment with intestinal bacteria also work efficiently. Insoluble fibers may not work in decreasing constipation.

However, many people are advised by the doctors or physicians to take a low residue or a low fiber diet for some time due to some intestinal issues os some surgery in the stomach. These people should stay away from fiber items for some time as guided by their doctor and consume only if their doctor allows them to. This is just a phase when you will be consuming low fiber or no fiber at all for some time but you will eventually get back to your normal diet after your recovery. Do not try this type of diet without prior approval from your doctor.

To know more about this diet you can see a Low Residue Diet Food List online to clear your queries and to know what food items to avoid on this type of diet.

5 social media tools for organic growth

Everyone wants to get famous and flourish their business through social media platforms. In this article, I will discuss some tools that will help you to grow faster on various social media platforms.

Display Purposes

The first tool I want to share with you is called Display Purposes. You can find it on and it’s a great tool to implement or add to your tool kit for Instagram. It’ll help you find good hashtags to use for your photos and it’ll actually filter out a lot of the hashtags that are banned. So, if you’re struggling and scrambling from hashtags all the time or you don’t know how to come up with these, this is a great tool to use for your Instagram account. 


The second tool I’m going to share with you is probably something that’s very helpful if you’re struggling with coming up with content consistently or you’re having a hard time posting. Let’s say you go out of town and you need someone to post for you, so here is a tool called that’ll help you schedule your Instagram posts and it’ll actually post them automatically. This company is partner directly with Instagram so they have the ability to post pictures for you automatically without opening another third-party app or anything like that. What this company also does very well is giving you an insight into your account. So, it’ll give you insights about what time to post, how your story is performing, how your post performing, and it’ll also give you very good insights into what hashtags to use.


If you’re a YouTube addict just like me, then the third tool would be very handy for you. It is called TubeBuddy. This is a great and awesome YouTube tool and you can implement in your YouTube strategy that allows you to come up with better tags to use, come up with new content or headlines that you can use for your videos and just overall you’ll see how the video will perform before you actually post it.


I understand that a lot of you guys don’t have that creative ability or you just want to learn to use Photoshop, and you just need something you know to create content for Instagram, for thumbnails of your YouTube channel and this tool is great for that specific need. The fourth tool is called Canva and you can obviously find it on It’s a tool that’ll help you design assets for your social media platforms whether it’s Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram doesn’t really matter. It has a lot of templates that you can use for your posts and you can add a lot of different assets and icons and images to your pictures all within that platform.

Text Font Maker

The fifth tool is a website called You can find many tools that convert your normal texts to fancy looking text fonts on this website. You can glam up your bios, captions, and posts by using the various text fonts generated by these tools.

This concludes my 5 organic social media tools that you can use for your social media platforms. 

How Botox Helps Us In Getting Rid Of Jowls?

Jowls are a part of the aging process, as we grow older the area near our jawline becomes more loose and hangs on our face creating jowls which completely changes the look of your jawline and chin area. Double chin is a very common issue noticed in humans when they gain excess fat in their jawline and chin area. Your jawline is no longer sharper as it was before when you were young and had a beautiful triangular or square-shaped face with a defined and sharp jawline. Botox is used to tighten the loose area of your face and it can last up to 6 months on average. But do you have any idea How to get rid of jowls with botox?

How Does Botox help?

  • Through an injection cleverly placed no your jowls will help you in getting rid of jowls from your face. BOTOX vaccinations around the jawline contribute to relaxing the main muscles (particularly the slim muscle known as the Platysma muscle). The effect on the top of the head is that muscles are tighter and this effect is caused by uplift and pressure of the jawline over a span of a week or two.
  • The skin will slip across the jawline and fall to jowls with gravity and aging Nevertheless, jowls can often significantly decrease the appearance by injection of hyaluronic acid in the form of a dermal filler, which in effect re-shapes the jawline to offer a more youthful appearance. It removes the volume that was lost over time, in conjunction with BOTOX.

Some Unique Information On BOTOX

  • Botox can make you enjoy your look in a few unique ways. By comparison to dermal fillers used for the jowls to replace lost mass and create a supporting structure, Botox is used to relax the main muscles such that a jowl’s form is improved by lifting or tightening.
  • It depends on the degree of correction needed with a variety of procedures. Botox treatment can often be done in minutes to raise and relax the jawline. A little more time is required in replacing the lost volume using the fillers but it can be completed in around 30 minutes approximately.
  • In your jaw area remove the volume to minimize the effect of jowls by dermal fillers that have immediate effects. It takes up to 14 days to see the full effect of botox to relax and reshape the face.
  • For 24 hours, you must escape heat The sun, sunbeds, hot showers, and showers are included. 
  • You should not consume alcohol for the next 24 hours after having Botox treatment. It’s good to drink liquor after 24 hours. 
  • Before you can go running or do any other physical activities, wait until 24 hours from your Botox procedure.

This is how botox helps you in getting rid of jowls and is not at all painful treatment, many celebrities and many general public also go for botox treatment just to look younger and avoid the loose skin from their jawline. The procedure is not really long just keep in mind some key factors that need to be avoided when you are going for some botox treatment.

Aadhaar To Link With Social Media?

Like we linked our major important documents and accounts with our unique aadhar card number, it is now said that the aadhar card will be going to link with the social media accounts of every individual. Linking to other major documents is fine but why social media? Here is what the supreme court thinks about this issue.

The Indian Supreme Court stressed the need to find a balance between the right to privacy online and the state’s right to trace originators of misleading, defamatory or fear-spreading texts. The Supreme Court of India expressed concern over the dangers of the dark web. 


How this Chaos Started?

This all chaos started when the Tamil Nadu government has expressed their views on linking the social media profiles of people to the aadhar database to ensure more security. The Tamil Nadu government had told the Supreme Court that social media user profiles need to be connected to Aadhaar to monitor the circulation of adulterated, untruthful and sexual content, as well as anti-national and terror content.


What Will Happen To Social Media?

Social media platforms, especially Facebook, opposed Aadhaar’s linking, saying that sharing 12-digit Aadhaar digits would violate users ‘ privacy policies. WhatsApp, the facebook-owned messaging platform, will be one of the worst-hit if the magistrate approves the Aadhaar-social media connection, as the messaging platform is known to be a room for online personal discussions. 


How Aadhaar linking to Social Media Will Affect Users?

Linking user accounts with Aadhaar on social media would create every message and post traceable by the user. While the change will serve as a deterrent to instigators of social media and offenders of untruthful and misleading messages, it would also breach users ‘ privacy, preserving records for each message along with the listed mobile number or email address. This would indicate that personal communications would die. Privacy specialists are afraid that connecting would allow the nationalist government of India to force social media platforms to become monitoring instruments.


What If Someone Does Not Have An Aadhaar Card?

What will happen to those who don’t connect their social media accounts to their 12-digit Aadhaar count is uncertain from now on. Will they delete or block their accounts? What action will be taken against the user’s parody accounts is also uncertain. Aadhar Card is really important for everyone and if the decision was made in favor of this complaint then it might be possible that the people who do not have an aadhaar card will not be able to create a social media account for themselves and if they have some social media accounts without linked aadhaar, their accounts will be shut down by the authorities or maybe those users can get banned for life.

So if you do not have an aadhaar card it is highly important for every one of you to get one by enrolling it from your nearest aadhaar center. You can download your aadhar card online from the UIDAI website as well. If you are not able to understand how to download your E Aadhar online from the website you can google the steps online and if you have any problem with English then steps to आधार कार्ड डाउनलोड करे in Hindi are also available for your comfort and preference.

Documents Linked With Aadhaar Card

If you do not have an Aadhaar Card in the future than it might be a little difficult for you as all the documents which are currently not linked with aadhaar will soon be linking to it and all your items and documents which are linked to your aadhaar card and needs to be linked, you should go and link them. You can’t prevent Aadhaar from having a phone link to receiving public subsidies and pensions and carrying out economic operations. 

If you have some kind of time limitation and you cannot visit any aadhaar center to get your aadhar card, then you should visit UIDAI’s website for Eaadhar download. You will get your E aadhaar very easily from there website.

Certain documents need to be linked with aadhaar card and if you do not have any clue about the item that needs to be linked, don’t worry we will clear all your doubts here. Mentioned below is a list of some documents which need to be linked with aadhaar card.

Bank Accounts

It is mandatory to link your aadhar card to your bank account number and the rule of aadhaar linking to bank account says that one account in one back per person. Aadhaar is directly linked to your savings account which helps in getting some benefits of government like pensions, scholarships, and subsidies which are credited directly to your bank account. Many banks started opening digital accounts with the help of E-KYC where you just have to authenticate with the help of your aadhaar number.

PAN Card

Linking PAN card is really important and a really good step as it will decrease the fraud by the fake open cardholders and if you have not linked your PAN card with your Aadhaar card before 30 September 2019 you pan card counted as invalid. Taxpayers will not be able to file their income tax returns without an Aadhaar linked PAN.

Voter ID Cards

Linking your Voter ID cards is also important as it will help the government to ensure the right amount of voters. People having multiple voter ID cards will not be able to link all the ID cards to aadhaar card and thus all other IDs will not be counted as potential voters. Linking your voter ID is really easy and you can do it online with the help of your mobile number.

Mobile Numbers

Mobile number is the major thing that needs to be connected to your aadhaar card, in the absence of Aadhar card you will be deprived of many OTP transactions. This process can be done online by visiting the UIDAI website or you can do it in a physical manner by visiting your nearest Aadhaar center. This will be asked every time you try to get your Eaadhar online and many of the applications using your mobile number generally asks for some kind of ID proof and all your Major ID proofs are linked with aadhaar card, so it the basic need for every to link their mobile number to their Aadhaar card.

According to some sources, it is also said that your driving license, social media accounts, and many other things will also be connected to your Aadhaar card to maintain a hassle-free environment.