Know Everything About The Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a semi-precious gemstone made out of silicon dioxide and best known for its green specks embedded in the stone. The green color of the stone depicts the color of nature thus making it very beautiful. The colors of this stone are formed due to the metal present as impurities which are usually iron and chrome. Due to the absence of concentric banding, the Moss Agate is sometimes not referred to as true Agate. 

Formation Of Agate Stone

Majorly the Moss Agates are formed from the weathered volcanic rocks. For hundreds of years, the Moss Agate was formed like this only, and from that time the Green Moss Agate is used to decorate the homes. Mainly the supply of Moss Agate is done majorly By Central Europe, the western part of the United States, India, Uruguay, and Brazil. Moss Agate is very commonly mined from these places but some stones are dyed to get a new color pattern.

Usage Of Moss Agate

Just like every other Agate stone, Moss Agate also has some healing properties and some distinct applicabilities which is why this stone is widely preferred by people. Here are some well-known uses of this stone.

  • Moss Agates are believed to be anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • They are good for strengthening the human body from the inside by boosting the immunity of the body.
  • Moss Agate is good for people who are prone to diseases like cold, cough, and flu.
  • The Moss Agate treats skin issues and relieves fungal infections.
  • The Moss Agate helps humans by cleansing the whole circulatory system.

Worth Of Moss Agate

The value of every gemstone is dependent on various factors and the same thing applies to Moss Agate as well. However the value or worth of this gemstone is quite reasonable. Mainly the price of the gemstone depends on the artistry of the labor used for this gemstone. The Moss Agates larger in size or the Agates with different color patterns are usually higher in price as compared to the normal Agates.

Meaning Of Moss Agate

In the same way as other different gemstones, moss agate has metaphysical properties that convey profound importance. One of green moss agate’s implications is that it supports a feeling of serenity and emotional equilibrium. It’s supposed to be incredibly useful to those encountering a solid feeling of hostility or some other overpowering feelings. 

Moss agate brings quiet and helps attract us nearer to nature. It causes us to feel more understanding when we need to separate from the confusion and clamor of the cutting-edge world. Furthermore, moss agate is likewise associated with maturing fellowships. Many individuals wear the gemstone when meeting new individuals, as it should cultivate a feeling of association and assist with building a strong establishment for companionship.

Connection Of Moss Agate With Chakra 

Moss agate is associated with the heart chakra. It’s supposed to have the option to balance out one’s emanation and dispense with negative energies. It has an exceptionally powerful purging impact on the body. 

Situated close to the center of the breastbone, the heart chakra directs our cooperations with the world past ourselves and assists us with controlling and embrace what we stand up to. 

Moss agate is said to assist with settling any blockages and equilibrium the heart chakra. This assists carriers with understanding their own necessities and feelings plainly and allows them to more readily handle the recurring patterns of emotional connections, acknowledge any progressions that show up with them, and comprehend their cyclic nature.

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