How My Dog Saved My Life

This is an incident that changed my life entirely. I was in the tenth standard. My life was great. I was doing well with my studies. However, there was one thing I was not good at – socializing. There was something that was stopping me from being out there are having a good time with my friends. It was not like I did not have any friends. It’s just like the friends I had were pretty much like me, introverted and lacking social skills.


So, one day I made the decision of getting a dog as a companion. That way I could get company and not feel isolated. As planned I bought a Boxer. He was huge and strong. Soon, he became my best friend. There was something amazing about that dog. He was one of the smartest animals I have seen in my life. I named him Max.


Max -the brave

The incident I am going to narrate here happened on the day when my board results were out. It was a day of fun and celebration. Since I was about to leave school, I decided to enjoy the day with friends. We were three friends, all introverts, who went on a hike to a nearby hill. The idea was to have a picnic near the river that ran parallel to the hill. We took Max with us.


We hiked for about half an hour till we reached the river. On reaching the river, we started unpacking our stuff. There were food and other stuff that we thought would be useful for the picnic. Having done all of that, we started exploring the place. After about half an hour of moving around the place, we decided to go for a swim in the river.


My friends knew how to swim but I didn’t. However, I decided to give it a try. I jumped into the water. A minute later, I realized that it was a mistake. My feet slipped and the current was strong enough to carry me across. I was in trouble.


My friends tried to rescue me. But, the current was too much for them to risk their lives. That was when I saw Max swimming towards me. He waded through the water quickly and soon caught me by the collar.


Soon enough, I was out of the water and safe on the land. Max had risked his life to save mine. I am sure I would not have been alive to narrate this story had he not been there on that fateful day.


Dogs are great friends. They can do anything to save your life. I realized this fact that day and I share this story with people whenever I can. I am safe and sound today but Max is no more. He died a few months back leaving behind his dog collar and lots of memories.


A lot of people do not buy dogs only because they find it expensive. While it is true that dog prices have gone high these days, buying a dog can be more beneficial than you think. Whenever you avoid the idea of buying a dog because of high dog prices, just remember this story and think of how lucky I had been to have Max with me.

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