Golkonda Fort: A Must See


Golkonda was initially called as Manka. Golkonda Fort was first constructed by the Kakatiyas in order to protect themselves against any attack by the invaders or the enemies. The entire place and the fortress were developed on a granite hill that is considered to have an approx height of  120 meters which was beset with many by massive battlements. 

The fort was reconstructed and modified by Rani Rudrama Devi and her successor Prataparudra to provide it with more robust and impregnable structure. After few years, the fort slipped under the control of the Kamma Nayakas, who won against the Tughlaqi army who had occupied Warangal during that time.

 It was taken over by Kamma king Musunuri Kapaya Nayaka to the Bahmani Sultanate as part of a legal treaty in 1364.

There are many legends regarding the Golconda fort and it keeps on changing from time to time. The Golconda fort it the best place to visit in Hyderabad. If you ever get to go to Hyderabad, do visit Golconda for as it is the best place anyone would ever suggest. Do check the Golkonda fort timing so that you don’t get back without seeing it.  I had gone to see the fort but I was completely unaware of the Golkonda fort timing. The day was Saturday I was not allowed to get inside and was asked to wait. I was asked to wait for a few hours. As I had some work so I decided to get back without seeing it. I regret not checking the timings.

The fort lies in the Western part of the most fetching city of Hyderabad at a distance of around 9 km from Hussain Sagar Lake, Golkonda Fort is one of the region’s best monuments preserved for centuries. 

The government takes care of it and, makes sure that it does not lose its charm and glamour. The make in of this monument was completed in the 1600s and it is known for being the place where once, the beautiful and the most expensive, Koh-I-Noor diamond was kept.

 It is said that if you clap your hands at the bottom of the fort, the echoes of it can be heard right to the top every time you do it the architecture, the legends, the history, and the mysteries of Golkonda Fort drag it up in the list of the most visited monuments.

Golkonda Fort is an old building that once precluded any invasion on an ancient city in an area famous for its diamond mines. The fort and surrounding ruined city make up one of the most popular attractions in Hyderabad. 

The Indian government spends lakhs of rupees on its Maintainance and makes sure that it stays there for centuries to come. This is the best place of attraction for the tourist who comes from all around the world. 

I personally like the place very much though I could not get to see it properly still I liked the ambience and the air out there.

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