Feel Grounded At Any Situation And Any Point Of Time

Grounding is a great instrument for these kinds of situations and is one that can be utilized pretty much anywhere. By bringing our mind and our body back to the current second, we can sometimes permit ourselves space for our brain to back off and feel a bit more focused, at any rate enough so we can tell somebody what’s happening or that we need assistance, or figure out what to do straight away. There is a wide range of methods of grounding, which is a piece of why it’s such an extraordinary skill – regardless of whether you don’t find one of the options beneath accommodating there are numerous others you can attempt. You can likewise make your own particular manners of grounding, by finding anything to concentrate your faculties on and grapple you in the current second. 

Spiritual Grounding Exercise 

Maybe you are in an airplane, stuck in an inn highrise, or sailing the high seas and can’t get your feet on the Earth. Here is an exercise to get your spiritually grounded: 

  • Sit with your feet on the ground, your eyes and mouth shut. Breathe in and out of your nostrils. 
  • Breathe completely from the base of your stomach, expanding your lungs totally yet easily. Your mid-region ought to extend noticeably; don’t be timid about that! As you breathe, know about your spine. Feel your base bone on the seat of your chair. Feel the length of your spine as you bring breath to each vertebra. Permit yourself to delicately influence with the breath, rising slightly with the inhalation and sinking slightly with the exhalation. 
  • Imagine that a substantial red rope reaches out from your spine downwards, through your chair, through the floor, through the floors beneath. A red vitality rope from your spine to the lowest level you can imagine. Presently imagine the string traveling further down through the layers of the Earth. First a reddish layer, at that point a grayish layer, through stone lastly rooted firmly into the center of the Earth. 
  • You are presently solidly fastened to the Earth through the red vitality rope from your spine to the center of the Earth. 
  • Presently, leaving the red string solidly implanted in the earth, send your breath up from the base of your spine, through your Heart and up through the Crown of your head. Imagine your Breath as a Silver Energy Cord extending from the base of your spine up through the head of your head. 
  • Imagine this Silver Cord growing upwards with every exhalation, extending from the Crown of your head up to the ceiling, up through the ceilings above, up through the rooftop, out into the sky, to the mists, to the Heavens and out into the Universe. 
  • Breathe, and with each exhalation, feel the connection between the red vitality rope in the earth and the silver vitality rope in paradise becoming more grounded and more grounded. 
  • If you have any undesirable/negative vitality, send it away just by imagining it leaving through your Red Cord into the Earth, send it out through the spirits of your feet, and through your fingertips. 
  • If you need extra, positive vitality, breathe it in through the silver line. This is the unlimited wellspring of vitality from the Universe. 

Well, aside from this simple exercise you even take a stab at reading the absolute Best Grounding Books to make your mind tranquil and clear your vision at any pace or whenever.

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