Exploring Rome after sunset

Rome, the capital of Italy, known for its history, culture and delicious food has become a hub for tourists across the world. Every traveler wants to visit Rome. I hope you too. So, let me suggest some places that you can explore in Rome and things to do in Rome at night.

The first stop is the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore with its glorious golden ceiling and beautiful artwork. On every corner, there’s an ancient monument lit to show off its best side. 

Trastevere, across the Tiber, is the most popular place in Rome to eat and drink at night. Friendly restaurants, lively bars, tasty bakeries, and colorful souvenir shops make this the perfect place for an evening stroll. You simply can’t be trusted early for a delicious meal or a relaxing drink in charming surroundings. 

The Trevi Fountain has been beautifully restored and is an absolute delight look at tourists flock there day and night and everyone has to throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish.

Rome’s most famous building the Colosseum is massively impressive at night and has the added advantage of being far less crowded.

Vatican City is the heart of Rome and the Catholic world. St. Peter’s Basilica attracts pilgrims from across the globe and is magnificent both inside and out.

Other than visiting historic and artistic places, there are a lot many interesting things to do in Rome at night.  A typical night out in Rome usually starts with an aperitivo first, you need some friends then you need some drinks and snacks. Let’s start the night! 

A visit to a local restaurant is a good start of the night, my suggestion would be Palombi L’oasi Della Birra, a wine, beer, and gourmet food store in the daytime and a cozy restaurant with a maze of small rooms in the evening. This is indeed an oasis for wine, food, and beer lovers. After a quick evening meal, head to Trastevere, a popular place for young Romans to hang out. There are plenty of bars to have a drink but if you want something more unique, visit Cioccolata e Vino, where friendly bartenders are serving cocktail shots in chocolate cups, topped with whip cream. It is truly a tingling experience.

For art and music lovers, Live Alcazar, a lively cultural hub is a must place to visit. Particularly on the weekend, it hosts live jam sessions with many artists from around the world and also has late-night DJs. It’s a great place to listen to music, dance, and enjoy tasty cocktails. 

Do you appreciate mixology and would like to try one of the best cocktails in Rome? The last secret tiny gem will take you into the 20s. The Jerry Thomas speakeasy is a relaxed ambiance place where you can enjoy watching bartenders mixing, modeling, and pouring their rare bitters and liquors. It’s a perfect place for late-night intimate drinks.

So, as you can see, Rome isn’t just about the fascinating history and beautiful buildings. Its vibrant nightlife should definitely not be missed!

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