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The impact of independent films on the movie industry

Independent films have slowly but surely become more well-known and well-received throughout the years. These movies, which were frequently made on smaller budgets and starred unknown actors, had a big influence on the entire business. Independent films have established themselves as an essential part of the film industry, helping to launch the careers of talented filmmakers and encouraging major studios to take more creative risks.

Challenging Conventions and Pushing Boundaries

Independent films’ capacity to push boundaries and upend accepted storytelling conventions is one of their most notable effects. Many of these movies take on difficult subjects and concepts that conventional Hollywood productions might find risky or contentious. Additionally, they offer a stage for marginalized viewpoints and voices, telling tales that might not otherwise be told.

Inspiring Major Studios to Take Creative Risks

Major studios have taken note of this ability to tell original stories and take creative risks. A rise in “indie-style” movies from major studios that imitate the look and feel of independent movies has been observed in recent years. This has resulted in a flood of intriguing and avant-garde movies that might not have otherwise received funding. A fresh batch of filmmakers have now been able to enter the field thanks to it.

Independent Films and the Rise of Streaming Services

Interestingly, the rise of independent films has coincided with the increasing popularity of streaming services like Netflix. These platforms have become a new home for independent films, providing a wider audience than they might have had in traditional theaters. In fact, some of the most life-changing movies on Netflix are independent films that might have flown under the radar otherwise.

Sundance Film Festival and the Independent Film Movement

One of the most notable examples of the impact of independent films is the success of the Sundance Film Festival. Founded in 1978, Sundance has become one of the most prestigious and influential film festivals in the world. It’s responsible for launching the careers of countless filmmakers and has served as a platform for many groundbreaking independent films.

The Role of Independent Films in the Rise of Film Festivals

Additionally, independent films have also played a significant role in the rise of film festivals as a whole. These festivals provide a unique opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their work to a wider audience and connect with other industry professionals. They also serve as a testing ground for new ideas and concepts, helping to shape the direction of the industry as a whole.

Conclusion: The Ongoing Influence of Independent Films

In conclusion, the impact of independent films on the movie industry cannot be overstated. These films have proven to be a vital component of the industry, pushing creative boundaries and paving the way for new voices and perspectives. They’ve inspired major studios to take more creative risks and have played a significant role in the rise of film festivals. As the industry continues to evolve, we can expect independent films to continue to play an important role in shaping its direction.

Sardar Jokes in English: A Legacy of Laughter and Cultural Quirks

Sardar jokes have been a staple of Indian humor for generations, often poking fun at the supposed naivete or simplicity of the Sikh community. While these jokes are undoubtedly entertaining, they also provide insight into the cultural quirks and dynamics of Indian society. In this article, we’ll explore the legacy of Sardar jokes in English, examining their origins, appeal, and the light they shed on cultural norms and traditions.

The Origins of Sardar Jokes

The term “Sardar” is an honorific title used to address respected Sikh men, often leaders or elders in the community. However, in the context of jokes, the term has come to represent a character who is amusingly naive or lacks common sense. Sardar jokes typically involve lighthearted, comical situations or misunderstandings, resulting in a humorous punchline.

It’s important to note that while Sardar jokes have long been popular in India, they can perpetuate stereotypes about the Sikh community, and some people may find them offensive or inappropriate. As such, it’s essential to approach these jokes with sensitivity and cultural awareness.

The Appeal of Sardar Jokes

1. Familiarity: One reason for the popularity of Sardar jokes is their familiarity within Indian culture. Most Indians have grown up hearing these jokes and can easily recognize the situations and characters they depict. This shared cultural knowledge adds to the appeal of Sardar jokes, as they evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection.

For example:

“Sardarji to the waiter: Bring me something I’ve never eaten before! Waiter: Sir, how about some brains”?

In this joke, the humor lies in the Sardar character’s apparent lack of self-awareness, which many Indians can instantly recognize.

2. Light – hearted humor: Sardar jokes often employ light-hearted humor that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This playful tone makes them enjoyable and easily digestible for a wide range of audiences.

For instance:

“Sardarji’s wife: Honey, you must fix the fan. Sardarji: I don’t need to fix it; it’s moving”!

Here, the joke plays on the Sardar character’s misunderstanding of the situation, resulting in an amusing punchline that is unlikely to offend.


3. Cultural insights: Beyond their humor, Sardar jokes also offer a window into the quirks and idiosyncrasies of Indian society. Through these jokes, we can better understand the cultural norms, values, and beliefs that shape everyday life in India.

For example:

“Sardarji was asked what he would do if he won the lottery. He replied, ‘ I’ll keep doing my job until the money runs out! ‘”

This joke highlights the strong work ethic and dedication to one’s profession that is often valued in Indian culture.

The Legacy of Sardar Jokes

While Sardar jokes have long been a source of laughter in India, they also carry cultural significance. They provide insights into the values, norms, and expectations that define Indian society, allowing audiences to learn more about the cultural landscape.

Moreover, when translated into English, Sardar jokes can be enjoyed by a global audience, fostering cross-cultural exchange and understanding. This humor sharing allows people from diverse backgrounds to appreciate and learn from one another’s perspectives, promoting empathy and connection.


Sardar jokes, with their light-hearted humor and cultural insights, have left a lasting legacy on the world of Indian comedy. As we enjoy these jokes and share them with others, it’s important to approach them with sensitivity and cultural awareness, ensuring that we appreciate their humor.


Life Lessons We Can Learn From Nature

Nature is the best teacher and you can actually learn a lot from nature as compared to books and technology. Early people didn’t have the 2 min stories that you have today on your smartphones or on your laptop at home, they learned from nature and from their past mistakes. People who do not go to school can be called illiterate but you cannot say that they are not smart. For example, you learned about hills and mountains from the books but the person who lives near those hills and mountains is much more aware of those mountains and hills than you even if they never went to school or searched for them on the internet. 

Living close to nature can be very helpful in developing your brain. There are many life lessons that you can learn from nature itself that is not printed in your books. To understand those things you need to go close to them and peacefully understand your surroundings, trust your instincts, and make decisions on the spot. There are many more things that nature offers to us and we have listed a few of them below.

Do Not Hurry

Have you ever seen forests, deserts, or oceans in a hurry? They are always stable and they never run for instant growth. All the natural bodies are eventually growing with time but not at a very rapid speed. That is what is needed in humans as well, a sense of stability and natural growth over a period of time. Do not run for the things, if something is meant for you it will come towards you just continue with your hard work and have stability and patience in your life.

Everything Comes To You With A Purpose

Humans criticize every bad moment in their life, they always regret what they should have done or what they wanted has not been fulfilled as per their desire. But have you ever seen any natural body craving for something? No, they never do that, even animals and birds never regret things like we humans do. So, we humans need to understand that whatever is happening in our life now may have something in the future that holds a strong purpose for us at that time. 

Good Things Are Actually Free

You may earn a lot of money in your life and still, you can be depressed and live a stressful life. But most of the things which hold the best memories in our life, practically come to us for free. Some of the moments like exploring nature, relaxing near a river at night and talking to your loved one, living close to your parents, and talking and sharing experiences with your friends does not require money. These moments are truly priceless and you cannot buy them ever in your life. 

Good Thing Arrives After Bad Things

Good things take time and this is actually true. When the fog lifts from the surroundings you can see nature near you, when the cloud gets clear after raining heavily for several hours, you get to see the rainbow in the daytime, after night the day follows and there are many more examples like this in the real world. Similarly, if you are going through a bad phase in your life, then you must tackle this time with confidence and wait for your good time to arrive. Have patience and trust the time.

Positive Impact Of Gymnastics On A Child’s Life

If you think gymnastics is just appropriate for professional competitors and not for children, you are probably off-base. Kids can profit significantly by practicing gymnastics whether they make it to the major association or not. Composed games offer children a fantastic open door for physical, mental, and social turn of events and gymnastics is one such creative game that can help your child in numerous manners.

Advantages of Gymnastics for Children

There are a lot of advantages to this game and for guardians wondering if gymnastics is useful for my child; here is a rundown that will disclose to you the advantages of gymnastics for children:

  1. Useful for Health

Normal investment in gymnastics has health benefits for children, everything being equal. With standard practice, children create astounding physical coordination and maintain great health which in the since quite a while ago run forestalls coronary illness and even age-related issues, for example, bone misfortune.

  1. Sets out a Foundation for Athletics

The thorough training of gymnastics centers around all aspects of sports from physical to mental. It manufactures quality and adaptability on the physical levels and adds to mental sturdiness which is an absolute necessity in sports.

  1. Manufactures Excellent Coordination of Mind and Body

The advantages of gymnastics for preschoolers are that it helps manufacture powerful spatial mindfulness. Dissimilar to non-gymnasts, children who are into gymnastics aren’t as frightened by an unexpected lopsidedness in any action they are involved in. They are additionally ready to apply these obtained reflexes during difficult circumstances in regular day to day existence.

  1. Creates Sportsmanship

Despite the fact that gymnastics is an individual game, it involves a gathering learning condition. It creates sportsmanship and positive connections in children as they cheer for their friends and find out about healthy rivalry. It likewise encourages them to sharpen their social skills by interacting with adults and other children who are at different degrees of proficiency.

  1. Fabricates Discipline

Discipline is everything in gymnastics. Children should place work into physical developments consistently or consistently to perform certain accomplishments. In this process, they get familiar with the significance of center, devotion, and difficult work.

  1. Assembles Confidence

The feeling of achievement gained from mastering physical accomplishments goes far in building certainty and a feeling of confidence in children. As they advance, they figure out how to handle more significant difficulties efficiently and accomplish their objectives. Children likewise figure out how to confront their feelings of dread and discussion transparently about it to the mentor to find an approach to defeat it.

  1. Encourages Them Set Goals

Athletic capacity can’t be assembled for the time being; it requires committed efforts to fine-tune the mind and the body. This implies learning to set objectives and working continuously to accomplish them. In the process, children figure out how to oversee pressure and remain quiet under tension.

  1. Gymnastics is Fun

All kids normally love exercises that involve swinging, tumbling, bounces, flips, and passing free-fall. Very few exercises are this exhilarating and children are attracted to it. Ordinary classes likewise keep their spirits high by releasing endorphins or the glad synthetic substances in their brains. Gymnastics for a medically introverted child is an extraordinary method to get these children out to play and associate.

To enable your children to get the best advantages from gymnastics and build up certain skills in their life, bring the best gymnastics equipment for kids at your home and help them in achieving the benchmarks.

Facts That You May Not Know About Aura’s

By studying the spiritual and emotional significance of an aura, you may increase some knowledge into your relational connections — and possibly find some things about yourself. Here are six things to think about auras.

Auras Can Be Captured In Photographs

There are sure cameras out there that photo your aura by squeezing your hands onto metal plates that sit on the head of electric boxes. You would then be able to have somebody decipher the image and assist you with understanding the message your aura is attempting to send. Clearly, you can find out about your hard-working attitude, ways of managing money, and the condition of your adoration life. If it sounds appealing to you, you can presumably discover a shop someplace in your city that will photo your aura for you. 

Auras Probably Play A Role In Your Social Life More Than You Think

We routinely read each other’s auras without knowing it. We can detect somebody’s energetic body and we’re consequently pulled into or killed by it. Truth be told, each one of those occasions you met an individual you simply didn’t care for — perhaps there was something peculiar you “were unable to place” — it was likely their aura you weren’t vibing with. So also, others respond to your aura as well, contingent upon how it matches with theirs. It’s positively not by any means the only thing that decides fellowships and sentiments, yet it’s a factor in any case.

You’re Not Stuck With The Same Aura For The Rest Of Your Life

If you’re not in an especially incredible spot in your life, your aura will reflect it. Be that as it may, you realize you won’t be stuck in this trench everlastingly, which implies your aura won’t be dull for long. The uplifting news is you don’t need to effectively change your aura after things show signs of improvement. Simply the regular shift in your emotional and physical health will bring about an aural change, on the grounds that your aura is consistently alive, and consistently associated with your body and the universe. There’s no off switch, so it stays aware of you every step of the way.

You Can Cleanse Your Aura If You’re Not Feeling So Great

When you become mindful of the power of auras, you can deliberately do a couple of aura cleansing tricks. A straightforward method to keep yourself clear is to only imagine your aura during a situated contemplation. Close your eyes, picture a white light emanating from inside your body, and afterward envision it coursing through your entire framework from head to toe. Think about that bright light getting out the bluntness in your aura and taking you back to healthy centeredness. You may not feel a moment change, yet it will bring out an upbeat shift in your aura by the by.

The Color Of Your Aura Is Reflective Of Your Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Health

At some random time, your aura radiates a blend of colors and light, and every one of these shades says a ton regarding how you’re feeling right now. For instance, if there’s a splendid yellow, it presumably implies you’re feeling spiritually alive and energetic, and blurred red methods you’re feeling negative and managing some profoundly covered displeasure. An individual who is healthy, self-assured, and positive, however, will in general have a bright, light aura that others can detect, regardless of whether they can’t see it.

That’s How You Remove Negative Vibes From Your Home!!

Negative vibes can be present in the house even before you move in there or it may be because of some random things at your home which  might be causing you to feel negative at a point in your home. Vaastu shastra may help you in fixing all these things in your home by some very simple tricks and you can eliminate all those negative vibes from your home. 

Vaastu, which actually signifies ‘house’, is a science of organizing the five components – earth, water, fire, air and sky in complete concordance. Specialists state that the major rule of vaastu shastra is to increase the value of a man’s life. Behind each vastu rule, there is a scientific thinking that targets giving a sorted out and advantageous life to everybody. In all honesty, vaastu has its belongings and a couple of changes in your house can get a great deal of harmony in your life. 

Here are a few things that you can attempt even in preparation to move houses where making changes identified with engineering is unimaginable. 

  1. At the passage if you have an exposed divider, place a sculpture or an image of Ganesha. Since a stripped divider speaks to depression, it is a decent method to disguise it. 
  2. If the exhausting of your structure or house has been placed off course, it is ideal to have an image of Panchmukhi Hanuman, confronting South-West to the exhausting. 
  3. North – east bearing is the best place for contemplation. Do ruminate toward this path for spiritual development. 
  4. Place view the North East way delineating a lengthy, difficult experience for good vision and arranging. 
  5. Place a family photo in the south-west course in a yellow or brilliant casing for healthy family relations. Or on the other hand an image/painting of a sunflower for a healthy family bond. 
  6. Place an image or painting of a rising sun in the east heading for healthy social relations. 
  7. Setting red galloping horses in the south course can give a consistent progression of cash and bring concordance. 
  8. Save a solitary sleeping pad on the bed for a healthy conjugal relationship. Likewise, the wife ought to consistently sleep on the left half of the spouse. 
  9. Expel all the futile mess, particularly under your bed. It overloads you and keeps your psyche unobtrusively associated with the past, which doesn’t permit forward advancement. 
  10. The room ought not be left in obscurity; it ought to be sufficiently bright. Abstain from utilizing dim hues on the room divider to bring concordance and harmony. 
  11. Setting Orgone Pyramid in a powerful and pocket-accommodating way is useful for checking all the vaastu imperfections of a house or a structure. These are introduced in the key area in the house, for example, the focal point of the house, a specific room or even a vivacious key point. 
  12. Abstain from sleeping in any immediate arrangement with sharp corners. Sharp corners go about as energy sticks and make worry in the sensory system. 
  13. Fix a fish aquarium in the north-east bearing of your house for better development and to decrease negative energy. 
  14. Become environmentally friendly! Plants and trees are the amazing natural channels from the most negative energies. 
  15. Go through an hour consistently to search for garbage gathered in the house and sort it out and toss it out. Actually, you will be glad to toss them out.

Face Mask Alternatives You Can Use In Daily Life

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has authoritatively suggested that all people wear defensive masks outside to help diminish the spread of the COVID-19 infection. Subsequently, it’s about difficult to buy expendable clinical masks on the web and get them in a sensible measure of time. 

Be that as it may, what are the best and most solid choices in lieu of surgical or expendable masks to forestall or diminish the spread of the coronavirus? There are loads of things you can use as mask options. A ton of average face inclusion choices remain, and some of them, you either already possess or can without much of a stretch buy on the web. Here is a brief and helpful manual for non-conventional mask options. 


A handkerchief is a kind of huge, normally vivid scarf, starting from the Indian subcontinent, regularly worn on the head or around the neck of an individual. It is viewed as a cap by a few. There is likely a tolerable possibility that you have a handkerchief laying around the house. If not, at that point don’t stress—online retailers appear to have a conventional stockpile of handkerchiefs ready to move. Typically numerous individuals destroy it of design just to look somewhat up-to-date while covering their face. 


Regardless of whether a fleece or cotton mix, a straightforward scarf around your face can help impair the spread of germs from your mouth and nose, which is actually what the CDC is focusing on by suggesting face inclusion for regular people on foot. Indeed, a recent report from Cambridge University found that a scarf was 62 percent as compelling as a surgical mask as far as protecting you from bacteria, viruses, and different germs. 


A balaclava, otherwise called a balaclava cap or Bally or ski mask, is a type of material headgear intended to uncover just a piece of the face, for the most part the eyes and mouth. Contingent upon style and how it is worn, just the eyes, mouth and nose, or simply the front of the face are unprotected. While the vast majority may not claim a balaclava—which is a full-face spread intended for incredibly chilly temperatures—they are still moderately simple to buy on the web. As of distributing this article, numerous online retailers despite everything had balaclavas ready to move with brisk conveyance. 


Neck gaiters, mufflers, or potentially buffs are roundabout things of attire that are truly intended to keep one’s neck warm. Yet, they can likewise effectively be pulled up to cover one’s mouth and nose. These are ideal answers for masks, and considerably more agreeable than scarves and balaclavas. As of distributing, you could get a gaiter conveyed in days. 

Home Made Cotton Masks 

Many do-it-without anyone else’s help approaches for homemade masks have now sprung up on the web, however if you don’t have the foggiest idea about your way around a sewing machine, at that point all expectation isn’t lost. You can cut up family unit material in the example of a surgical mask as the following best option.You can make up different structure designs without any problem. Read Now about masks and its significance from the given interface and instruct yourself in regards to utilization of masks. In that equivalent 2013 investigation from Cambridge University, scientists tried family unit materials to discover which ones did the best occupation catching bacteria and viruses.

How Yoga Poses Helps In Opening Chakras

Yoga is one of the most essential approaches to adjust each chakra in light of the fact that it makes arrangement in the physical body. There are an aggregate of seven chakras in your body and each different chakras has a specific asana to get you out in getting the best positive outcomes and in addition you can utilize Chakra Beads which are useful in arousing positive energies. 

Yoga Asana – Tree Pose (Vrksasana) 

Useful For – Root Chakra (Muladhara) 

Incredible for feeling progressively alert, secure, and stable. The Muladhara oversees your family ties and sentiments of endurance, having a place, and guardedness. At the point when it is shut or out of equalization, you can get poor, have low confidence, or have foolish practices. When Muladhara is in balance, you feel solid and certain; you can stand up on your own two feet and deal with yourself. 

Yoga Asana – Goddess Pose (Deviasana) 

Useful For – Sacral or Pelvic Chakra (Svadhisthana) 

Incredible for producing inventiveness and enthusiastic steadiness. This chakra corresponds with your contraceptive and sexual organs, and speaks to smoothness, inventiveness, and fruitfulness. You can take an exacting translation of this, or partner this chakra with whether you feel meriting a pleasurable, plenteous, inventive life. At the point when it’s out of equalization, you can feel touchy, blameworthy, or hard on yourself. 

Yoga Asana – Boat Pose (Navasana) 

Useful For – Navel Chakra (Manipura) 

Incredible for encouraging individual force, change. You’ve heard the articulation “terminating on all chambers.” When the Manipura is in balance, you feel invigorated and have the confidence and certainty to make a move and be gainful. At the point when it’s blocked, you need mental fortitude, have low confidence, and feel stale and latent. By taking a shot at this chakra, you can stir your actual individual internal force and work through your dread of facing challenges. 

Yoga Asana – Camel Pose (Ustrasana) 

Useful For – Heart Chakra (Anahata) 

Extraordinary for being progressively joyful, cherishing, and sympathetic. Stir to the intensity of unqualified love inside you through sympathy, pardoning, and acknowledgment. At the point when the heart chakra is blocked, you become possessive and mutually dependent, and may shape useless connections. 

Yoga Asana – Supported Shoulder-stand (Salamba Sarvangasana) 

Useful For – Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) 

Incredible for getting progressively candid, finding your voice. At the point when this chakra is blocked, you may feel like you can’t discover your voice or your fact. You may likewise be excessively chatty and not tune in to other people. At the point when this chakra is open and invigorated, your voice travels through space to assist you with conveying your feelings in sound manners. 

Yoga Asana – Easy Pose (Sukhasana

Useful For – Third-Eye Chakra (Anja) 

Incredible for learning new things, heeding your gut feelings. This chakra is related with your instinct, or intuition, and oversees how the remainder of the chakras work. At the point when it’s working great, you have understanding, and you confide in your internal knowledge to confront life’s difficulties and decisions. At the point when it’s blocked, you feel close-disapproved, excessively appended to rationale, untrusting, and negative. 

Yoga Asana – Corpse Pose (Savasana) 

Useful For – Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) 

Extraordinary for lifting your state of mind, separating from self image. The crown chakra associates with excellence itself and the otherworldly domain. It causes you to comprehend who you are past your physical self—that you are an otherworldly being having a human encounter. It isn’t situated in the body however drifts over the crown of the head.

Life Of A Working Professional In UAE

Among different nations, the UAE appears as though a rewarding alternative if you are a vocation searcher, as the accessibility of the employments in UAE, working conditions just as living conditions are acceptable. Notwithstanding having great living conditions, appropriate guidelines and guidelines on criminal offenses there are a few disadvantages also if you are living in any emirates of UAE. Living in Some of the Best Investment in UAE draws in numerous individuals all around the globe to invest in their marketplace. 

Benefits Of Living In UAE 

Compensations Without Taxes

You don’t pay any expenses on the pay rates. Whatever you get is your bring home pay. There is 5% VAT through which we pay for purchasing items/administrations. A few nationalities do pay duties to their nations of origin. 


Many individuals spend indulgently here, some can really bear the cost of and some live on the edge. I have seen numerous individuals living in opulent regions, purchasing top of the line cars, living on Visas to keep up cultural status.


There are a lot of cafes obliging a wide range of tastes and spending plans. Being a vegan, I love the nourishment here and the quantity of choices I have. 

Center for all the nationalities 

You can see individuals from all the nations here so English turns into the basic language here. Because of the nearness of a major number of individuals from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindi and Malayalam are likewise very normal. 

Work Culture 

It really relies upon the company you are working for. Likewise, relies upon your level. I have not seen quite a bit of “telecommute” culture here however numerous companies give you adaptability in work. 


You can meander around uninhibitedly at any hour and nobody will hurt you, you drop your wallet out and about and you will get it back. Individuals regard law. cars will offer routes to the walkers in any event, during top hours. Despite the fact that there is wrongdoing, it is incredibly low. 

Burdens Of Living In UAE 

Corporate Racism and Sexism 

Regardless how much ability you have – if your visa is Asian – that is one compartment you will be placed in. What’s more, if you are sufficiently fortunate to have a western identification – at that point that is an absolutely isolated special compartment you will be placed into. 

Traffic Kills 

The traffic is an executioner. You should truly design out your day, your excursion and the separation you are voyaging. What’s more, if you are even 30 minutes late – you will wind up going through over 2 hours every course. 

City Life & Money

Dubai, UAE is a costly, present day, quick, occurring, slanting and cutting edge city where if you need to live and have a not too bad lifestyle – you need to procure a considerable amount. Also, if you are looking at having a wife and youngster – at that point ensure you and your accomplice both have a 5 figure pay for every month. 

Costly Everywhere 

Each and every month you wouldn’t know how your cash is gone through or where your cash got went through in light of the fact that some way or another cash just goes into a wide range of costs – from stopping tickets, to going through the street cost entryways, to getting fined by the Traffic Cops on one hand.

Why My Online Best Friend Is Better Than Many Real Ones

Some years back, I made a friend online who eventually turned out to be my best friend after some time as we matched with each other based on our mindset and the way we look at certain things. We are too similar that one can say that we must have known each other for a very long time but the truth is we have only known each other for the past 2 years and for the last 1.4 years we are the best of friends. 

In this world of technology, everyone is bust in talking to someone or else online on any social media platform, but there are only a few lucky people who get a chance to be best friends with the one they are talking too. We are both fortunate that we ended up being the best friend even though we rarely meet when we get some time from our work. We both had friends even before we met each other on social networking site but the day we started chatting with each other we felt the positive vibe from our very first conversation. 

I bet we can score full in every kind of Friendship Test as we both know each other far better than those who do we meet regularly on an everyday basis. This is possible just because we share the same vibe and we are able to connect with each other even if we are talking after weeks. We talk with the same passion and feel the same comfort every time we talk to each other. We never even thought of dating each other buy yet some people things that we are dating each other from the last 2 years we are so much into each other. 

We never even thought of dating someone as we have so many other things to talk about. We spend our time while talking about each other’s lives, what are we going to do in our future? What is my life going to be like? How I want certain things to go? Like everything in our lives is shared between us and we always try to fix something as soon as possible to keep everything smooth so that no clumsy situation can arise in our life.

Maybe, it can be possible that we both; like each other but we never really thought of this situation. Even if these situations arise someday, I think we both will be happy to continue this relationship further ahead as we know every inch of detail about one another. We would never mind dating each other either but we are not in a hurry to run into these things as we both are super busy in our work life. 

We still share some things which really sounds like we are dating each other but this is not true this is just because we care about each other and we are always curious to know whether the other person is feeling right or he/ she has reached where he was going to or not. Just like your family is really curious to know about you. I didn’t realize that this online friendship will turn out to be the best friendships that I have ever witnessed in my life and I really make sure that It will continue to be the same for my whole life.