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Learn Everything About The Crepe Fabric

What is crepe fabric? 

Crepe is a kind of fabric that can be made out of natural or synthetic. It can be made out of natural fibers like cotton, silk and some artificial fibers like polyester and rayon. The fabric gives a distinctive wrinkled look with a  bumpy appearance. Crepe is a lightweight to medium weighted fabric but in the end, it can be of any weight. The fabric is used to make blouses, dresses, suits, pants, and many more things. The fabric is also very popular as many home decor ranges like curtains, table covers, and pillows are made of this fabric. The fabric provides different looks due to its different manufacturing processes and the materials that are used to make this fabric which is why there are various varieties of crepe fabric.

Varieties of Crepe Fabric

There are various varieties due to the various materials used while developing the fabric but some of the major varieties that are most popular with the people are listed below.

Crepe de Chine: The Crepe de Chine is developed out of silk and is a very lightweight fabric. Silk crepe de Chine fabric doesn’t have the puckered surface ordinary of other crêpes; all things being equal, the silk fabric has a smooth, matte get done with slight pebbling. This look is accomplished by utilizing firmly turned yarns as weft yarns in a plain weave design. Polyester crêpe de Chine is a more reasonable form with a comparative appearance and feels to the silk fabric. 

Crepe georgette: Crepe Georgette fabric likewise has a delicate, smoother appearance and is principally produced using silk or manufactured silk-like strands, similar to rayon. Silk georgette has a little elasticity and a pleasant wrap. Crepe georgette fabric is a mainstream fabric for dresses. 

Wool crepe: Wool crepe has a harsher, wiry surface and is produced using wool fabric, and once in while cotton or engineered fabrics. It is a light to medium weight crêpe, it opposes wrinkling, and is frequently utilized for fitting, jeans, and dresses. 

Polyester crepe: This crepe variety is developed by utilizing the manufactured polyester and this polyester crepe is normally a lightweight, slender fabric that has a pleasant wrap. It can be used to make shirts, skirts, and dresses. It now and then fuses elastane to shape a stretch crepe. 

Crepe-back satin: Crepe-back satin is a satin fabric where one side is smooth and delicate like satin and the opposite side is crinkled with a crêpe feel and appearance. 

Canton crepe: Canton crepe was initially made of silk from the Canton region in China, which is the place where the name comes from. It is basically the same as crepe de chine by all accounts, yet it is somewhat heavier, as the fill yarns in the weave are heavier. 

Plisse crepe: Plisse crepe is accomplished by artificially treating the fabric to accomplish the puckered and crinkled appearance, making a collapsed crease. A piece of fabric is either squeezed with hot rollers to make the example, or shrouded in a wax design and dunked in an antacid arrangement. The areas uncovered by wax will recoil, and when the wax is eliminated, the fabric will be purposefully wrinkled. 

Crepe charmeuse: Made with crepe twist yarns and the satin weave method, this silk fabric looks very beautiful and charming. Just like the satin, the silk charmeuse is smooth and very reflective in nature but it has a very dull backside. The signature crepe definition to this fabric is given by the creep yarn.

Clothes Are Symbols Of Social Stature

The transformation of clothing styles that kept taking place with the passing away time shows how the people have changed completely. We have transmitted from wearing leaves to wearing woven threads and fabrics.

The constant researches and deep studies of the history of clothing and textiles trace the improvement and the development of the human civilization, the perfect use, and availability of clothing and textiles kept getting new faces and people adapted according to the changing scenarios. we have smoothly made our way into the 21st century where clothing matters the most. A man is known by the clothes he wears.

The clothes have now become a symbol of our social stature. Its no more a mean to cover the body but to have a grasp on the eyes of the people oscillating with them in the society. Humans are considered to be the most gregarious creature on the planet who love being in groups as the other biological creatures staying in symbiotic associations.

The clothes and apparel industries have drastically improved over the past few decades with plenty of reforms and inventions. People are hell bent on trying things which ultimately led to the rise of many brands and companies to fulfill the demands of the growing clans. The inauguration of Patanjali paridhan franchise in India can be cited as the best example to prove the above-depicted statements. This shows how the companies are not at all afraid of going beyond their niche and try dabbling in things that never were their concerns. The Patanjali was never into manufacturing clothes and the products that reconcile with the Wests.

Patanjali paridhan franchise deals with the stores fully or partially owned by the Patanjali. The owners of the stores sell clothes under the established brand name of Patanjali.

The demand for clothes and other apparels have grown so tall that many companies have started trying their hands in the industry to bag in some more money and add on to their capital.

Many classic brands have already been making clothes and other accessories to meet the insatiable needs of the people. The consumers are attracted to the established brands a bit more than that of the nascent ones. The brands like HERMES, PRADA, CHANEL, RALPH LAUREN, BURBERRY, HOUSE OF VERSACE and many more are there in the market for more than half a decade. Consumers prefer them over any other brands.

I personally feel the manufacturing of clothes should be left to the doyens as they have been doing it for centuries. The other companies should better concentrate on their niche and improve upon the existing products instead of trying new things. Do what you are really good at and stand up to the consumer’s expectations.

All the above mentioned classic brands are into one thing only and that is making clothes.they can do it better than anyone else.

Hope you find this article interesting and informative enough to share it with your peers and family. Do let us know your honest feedbacks to let us know where we lag behind. We would definitely try improving upon to provide you with more detailed and easy contents to skim through.