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How To Find A Perfect Date

Finding girls for dating is really difficult in a country like India which is globally known to have a very nauseating sex ratio of male and female. In India, the number of girls is rather low as compared to that of the boys. So the males have become prone to rejection which ultimately leads to everlasting depression infusing inferiority complexes in them.

I too had been through the same phase and I can tell you how bad it feels to be alone when everybody around you is hanging out with raunchy chicks. Depression is sure to make its way into your bloody sponge to set it at unrest.

The wait is over. I assure you won’t be the same after patiently reading the entire article. I will let you know how to find a perfect date in this article.

Girls can be spotted in numbers in popular places like malls, gyms, coffee shops, and bookstores, pubs, and recreational centres. Pick any place that suits your personality. This will not only help you get the girl that shares almost the same interests as yours but also you will feel more comfortable approaching or talking to them in a familiar environment.

1. Prepare yourself

It depends on the situation whether you are looking for a soulmate, girlfriend or friend with benefits or just trying to have a  fun date, you need to present yourself as someone worth spending time with and engaging enough to stay glued to. You will have to prepare before delving yourself into the chick game. Don’t let the girls see the insecurities that man normally posses. They prefer maverick personality over the sticky ones. Your being clingy or desperate may instigate the girls to shun you.

2. Try dating sites

The social networking platforms and dating sites where you can try your hands. I took help from one of the many 100% free dating sites to get the very first girl and could not get to try it twice. We tied the knot and now sharing the same bedroom for the past six years.

There are many 100% free dating sites to see if it works as it did for me. Be a man of balls. Just give it a try, I am sure you will have the girl you like standing by your side.

3. Don’t make the girl read between the lines of your emotions

Never let the girl get the hang of the wrong intention if you have any. The moment she feels you hold some unethical intentions, you are sure to meet rejection because girls prefer staying away from the perverts, no matter how handsome and charming you look. They scarcely give a damn about it. Not every girl on these sites looks for hookups or one night stands. There are indeed few girls whose gazes constantly look for soulmates.

We serve the needy not the greedy.

Hope this article will fetch you the desired results. Do let us know your honest feedback by commenting below. We will keep coming up with more similar articles to boost your dating game.