A History of Common Household Inventions by Year

A History of Common Household Inventions by Year , well It’s hard to believe that refrigerators, microwaves, and other common household items we take for granted, were not always around. But after reading this post you could be convinced otherwise. Over the years, inventors have been quite busy in their garages and laboratories creating modern conveniences for everyday living. From toothbrushes to vacuum cleaners, let’s explore a history of common household inventions.

Each year, new inventions help to create a more convenient way for people to get through the day. This list includes some of the biggest household inventions in history and how they were invented. Things that we take for granted on a daily basis are sometimes just products of someone’s imagination years before we actually experienced them.

The First Alarm Clock Was Invented in 1787

The first alarm clock was invented by Levi Hutchins in 1787. His idea was for a wooden clock with a face and hands that hit a stick like an alarm bell when the alarm was activated. This invention was very crude, but it served its purpose: to wake people up.

The Microwave Was Invented in 1946

When people think of the inventor of the microwave most wouldn’t say, Percy Spencer. That’s because he is known for inventing something else called the ‘radar’. But the invention of the radar would have been impossible without this kitchen invention. The microwave was demonstrated for the first time in 1946 by a man named Dr. Percy Spencer.

The Crockpot Was Invented in 1971

The Crockpot was invented in 1971 by Rival Manufacturing Inc. Microwave ovens were discovered accidentally by Percy Spencer of Radarange fame in 1945. Dishwashers were invented and patented by Josephine Cochrane in 1886, but it would be over a hundred years before more people had access to them. Automatic washing machines have existed since 1922 when they were first installed in American homes. Toothbrushes are another invention that’s still around today yet their origins can be traced back to 7000 B.C.

The Dust Buster Was Invented in 1979

The dustbuster was invented around August 1979. The idea for such a contraption came about when inventor Hubert C. Binford was fed up with manually cleaning his home after doing yard work. But rather than taking the slow and tedious approach of sweeping, he invented a handheld vacuum cleaner that can suck up debris from a variety of floor surfaces.


Of course, this post is a survey of commonly used household items and does not fully explore the history of each contained within. It’s impossible to include everything, but we hope that this post may serve as an interesting resource for you if you’re ever in need of some basic information. And now you can impress your friends with your historical knowledge of common household inventions!


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